Full server Description Interlude x500


Server Rates & Raid Bosses

EXP: x500
Adena: x500
All EPICS: level 80+
All EPICS: respawn 8 hours
EPICS Pick UP: priority have most damage Autopickup
42 RAID BOOS: level 80
42 RAID BOOS: respawn 6 hours
RAID BOOS Pick UP: priority have most damage Autopickup
NOBLESSE BOSS: 6h respawn. no quest, just kill barakiel with SubClass lvl 76+

Enchants Weapon Armor Juw

Safe / Full Body / Max Enchant: +3 / +4 / +25
Chance 66% +4 +5 +6
Chance 60% +7 +8 +9 +10
Chance 50% +11 +12 +13 +14
Chance 40% +15 +16
Chance 30% +17
Chance 20% +18
Chance 15% +19
Chance 10% +20 max +25

Game Features

NPC Buffer with 2h buff duration
Buff Slots: 28 + 4 (Divine inspiration)
GM Shop up to S-Grade
Mana Potions (0 Cooldown)
Auto-learn skills
Auction House in NPC at all towns
Offline Stores
Class Transfer Free without quest
Sub Class Free just go to NPC and learn sub class you want
Noblesse not need quest, just kill barakiel with SubClass lvl 76+
Earring of Orfen extra stats CON+2 STR+1 INT+1

Retail Geodata and Pathnodes
Raid Informer NPC with real time raid boss status updates
Shift + Click Droplist on Monsters
Stackable Items - BOG LS EW EA
Global Shout & Trade Chat
To register on a Siege required Clan Level 5
Weekly (7 days) olympiad circle. Heroes every monday 12:00 gmt+2
Non-class based needs 5 minimum participants to begin
Class based needs 11 minimum participants to begin
Flames of Invincibility skill cast 5 seconds and duration 30 seconds
Ring of Core extra stats CON+2 STR+1 INT+1

Voting System

1. type command in game .vote and vote for us at all sites 2. type command in game .getreward and get rewards: Vote Reward System with a 12h Voting Rune as reward

🕜 Duration 12 Hours
Increases your P. Def and M. Def by 6%, P. Attack by 4%, M. Attack by 4%, Movement Speed by 4%.

Enchant Armor S
Enhcannt Weapon S
High Grade Life Stone 76

Blessed Scroll Enchant Armor S
Blessed Scroll Enhcannt Weapon S
Top Grade Life Stone 76


.vote Open window to vote for the server.
.getreward Get a reward after voting
.pa .premium Shows the time left on your active subscription
.cfg Detailed character customization.
.topclan To check clan ranking.
.rb To check epic and raid boss status.
.acp Configure auto use CP / HP / MP.
.autoloot on Enable auto-loot drop.
.autoloot off Disable auto-loot drop.
.autoloot adena Enable auto-loot only for Adena.
.gb .goldbar Exchange 500.000.000 adena for 1 goldbar.
.adena Exchange 1 goldbar for 500.000.000 adena.
.offline offline shop / craft.
.repair If your character stuck or boot up screen not end.
.skin Open window to change your visual skin (NOT give any stats).


Aden castle (all other castles closed)
Reward for capture Aden Castle 500 clan points
Siege every day
Late registration 60 min before siege start
Anti zerg system for clans
Max members in clan 27
Oly games 18:00 - 24:00
Heroes every Tuesday 12:00
Class games disabled
1 register per HWID protect


Clan Event every week with 100$ Dollar reward for the clan that will have the most Clan Points.
The clan that will have the most Clan Points will win 100$ Dollar EVERY WEEK and then all clan points from all clans will be reduced to 0 so that the next week event can start again.

How to earn clan points ?
500 Clan Points Hero status for every clan member (heroes every week)
500 Clan Points For capture Aden Castle (siege every day for 1 hour)
200 Clan Points For each killing Epic Raid Boss (epic respawn every 8 hours)

How many places and what rewards ?
1st place: 100$ paypal cash out or 1000 Diamond (in choice of clan leader)
2nd place: 500 diamond
3rd place: 300 diamond
What is Diamond ?
Diamond is game currency that you can earn only by donate for our project

wishes you good luck and hopes it will make your game fun and long tern !

Until the opening some changes can be made